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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sengoku Astray Gundam [MG] - First Look

I'm not really a fan of the Build Fighters series. Still, there are some interesting Gundams in it. Well, the first that caught my attention is the Sengoku Astray. There is this thing about Samurais and the Japanese katana that really intrigues me. Samurais are way too cool man. 

For starters, the box art is already a winner. It's like love at first sight. Totally irresistible. 

Although the kit is relatively small, it still comes with a lot of parts. This is due to the intricate designs and small parts which form the arms and legs. Assembly is relatively easy and won't take you more than a couple of hours to finish it.

The assembled kit looks real good. But the armors at the hips tend to pop out easily. The manipulators cannot hold the katanas firmly and they too, tend to drop if you fiddle with the model too much. 

To me, the most interesting part are the two huge forearms at the the shoulders. They can be used to hold the katanas or utilized as fists in combat.  Pretty fun to play with. And imagine all the cool poses you can do with it. 

The second interesting part of the Sengoku Astray is on the back pack. Well, it's actually a face and doubles up as a shield as well. And do beware of those sharp teeth LOL...  

So overall, this is one hell of a kit. A badass indeed.  

Now, all I wish for is Bandai to release a Master Grade Amazing Kampfer.... 

Whose with me? 


maybe you can add in additional 2 more katanas that would be interesting haha

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