Monday, December 15, 2014

My thoughts on the PG Unicorn Gundam

You know, this year's blockbuster release will of course be the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. Everybody wants one. And that includes me. 

Lucky for me, Hobby Art Gallery (HAG) agreed to let me assemble their sample kit. So I decided to enlist the help of another friend and attempt to finish this PG in 10 hours! We managed to do it within 8 hours but we were so exhausted. The PG Unicorn is by no means, a walk in the park. 

Runners. Lots and lots of them. Weapons, armors and internals. It's really a huge heap of plastic. 

The weapons are very similar to the Master Grade version and some might say they are scaled up from MG. Well, they're not far off. 



After some thoughts, let me address some issues people brought up recently:- 

1. 1/60 Master Grade isn't it?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not really a scaled up MG (as far as the suit is concerned). To start with, the MG Unicorn is already very detailed. So I am not surprised the outlook of the PG is similar to the MG version. But don't be fooled by this. Gone are the flimsy parts and weak structure. In their place is a very sturdy internal frame and sound transformation process. Bandai obviously took great pains to eradicate all the MG's shortcomings to go on and produce this awesome PG. 

2. Assembly a pain in the ass?

With three modes, and coupled with 3 weapons and a shield, this is no walk in the park. Although the instructions and illustrations are pretty clear, there will be occasions you get stuck with some odd shapes or joints. I highly recommend that you assemble this together with the LED unit. Otherwise, you will have to dismantle the whole suit later just to install the LEDs. Ouch!

3. Unicorn to Destroyer? 

The transformation process is actually fun. Most importantly, parts do not fall off when you are fiddling with the flaps and armors. That in itself, is already huge improvement. Well, there is the Destroyer mode and this last mode. The last mode is basically more opened flaps. They could just label the 2nd and 3rd modes as Destroyer Mode. 3rd mode is just underwhelming and clearly over hyped. I was expecting something more to be frank. 

4.    Worth buying? 

Are you kidding me? I would't miss it for the world! Ok, maybe it's over exaggeration on my part. But I'm already in love with this fellow and can't wait to get my hands on my set and also the Full armor unit. It's larger than your average PG and makes for an impressive display at home. no way an I sitting this one out.


how can I get hold of 1 in Singapore?

You can check out Hobby Art Gallery

Their facebook

Their webshop

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