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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sazabi Version Ka

Phew, I finally finish something before the end of 2014. It has been a rather slow year for me. Been juggling between projects and almost got burnout. One thing I learnt from that episode is that never bite more than you can chew. When you have too many things on your table, you tend to get distracted. And in the end, nothing gets done. 

Anyway, we leave that for another day, back to the Sazabi Ver ka I completed. The MG Sazabi ver Ka is probably the best MG out there. Because you don't have to modify it. Just an OOB build with a nice colour scheme will do. This is how good it is.   

Construction is of course more complex with all the open hatches and stuff. There is a lot of decals as well. But Sinanju is still tops in the "number of decals" ranking LOL. Details are good and sharp. 

Although there are no modifications on this kit, I did added a set of custom metal thrusters. And it makes a whole world of difference. The metal thrusters give it "weight" and complexity.  I did not pose muh for fear of scratching the parts. A few parts were scratched during transformation and I can risk damaging it further without repairing. 

You can find this displayed at Hobby Art @ Work pretty soon. 

So there you go, my first completed kit in 2014. I feel good about it and hopefully, this gives me the boost I needed to work on the PG Strike. Now doing a bit of troubleshooting and minor touch ups before I start painting that monster. 

Wish me luck. 



Could you teach me, how to paint Metal looks?

Hi Kennabi, for metal colours, I start with a gloss black base coat, followed by the metal colour of my choice. It's simple and achieve decent results.

Hi, can I ask how you painted the manipulators and if it affected its articulation. thank you!!!

Hi, can I ask how you painted the manipulators/hands and if it has any impact on the articulation. Thank you!!!!

No Steel, there is no impact at all. Unless your paint is really really thick. :)

Hi May I ask what are the color combination that you use on the sazabi ver ka?I believe there are 3 different gray colors that you use on it right?

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