Friday, May 29, 2015

Japan Trip 2015

It was an unexpected trip. All it took was one call and I was on the way to Japan within three weeks of that call. And there I was, once again, in Japan. I wasn't looking for toys to buy. But inevitably, I ended up with a huge luggage home. 

I felt more relaxed this time because I was not on a mission to break the bank or what. I'm just there to take in the scenes and soak in the atmosphere. And I did just that. Walking all over the places and taking random shots and all. And this randomness was somewhat relaxing and uplifting at the same time. 

Got to thanks Joyce and Sam (From HAG) for bringing me around. I did ventured out on my own on some mornings. It was fun walking down the streets at 6 am in the morning in cool weather. Oh man, how I love the weather, cool and or oh so relaxing. 

Went to Ueno, Odaiba, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Station and of course the mandatory exploration of Akihabara. 

Well, all good things has to come to an end. I left Japan refreshed and probably a few kilos heavier. Will I go back? You bet I will!


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