Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A new task

I put my Kampfer on hold for awhile and will most probably resume late May. My friend has asked me to create some "accessories" for his maintenance diorama which I gladly accepted. Never really tired of them! Took me five days to do and hopefully I can finish them by this week.

Well, they are really nothing to shout about since it's basically what I have been doing for quite some time. But I think that there are still some major improvements to be made, even though it's about time I attempt other types of dioramas.

I notice that a lot of custom made bases are been sold in the market which would make a lot of modelers happy. However, I reckon that it is more fun and enjoyable to have bases that are of your own creation and hard work.


More Boxes...

And even more boxes....

My son calls this a "Crane Truck"


Nice touch kenny!
I'm inspired by you to do something like this in future. But it's just hard for me to find such material in Thailand and also i'm not sure what meterial i should use.
Btw, this is a scale 1/60 base?

Thanks Ken, I use Sheet and Strip Styrene from "Evergreen Scale models". It doesn't come cheap but they have a lot of varieties in terms of shapes and patterns which is very useful for diorama building.

Excellent! Love those tiny 'containers' even though i see the big once quite often at Pasir Panjang. :)

And I agree with you, make own base better than buy OEM ones off the shelve :P

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