Monday, June 4, 2007

MS-18E Kampfer [Kanji Custom] Phase 3

After a long respite, I finally got started on Phase 3 of the build-up process. This time, I am concentrating primarily on the thighs.

I removed the housing and the thrusters at the sides.

Covered the gaps with pla-plates.

Using strips of pla-plates, I began to "wrap" around parts of the thighs.

Scribed and drilled a hole to insert Kotobukiya option part.

After I am satisfied with the placement of those strips, I added some more details.

Earlier, I have removed the thrusters at the hips as I was planning to replace those with a scratch built "packs". Pla-Plates were used to create the basic shapes.

After I achieved the shapes required, I proceed to add details with option parts (verniers).

More progress on the "packs"

The completed "packs".


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