Sunday, June 17, 2007

MS-18E Kampfer [Kranji Custom] Phase 6

Now for the weapons! Initially I was hoping to do a rifle or bazooka, but since it's a "Kranji custom", I will just create a broad sword. This one was inspired from the weapon of the Final Fantasy's character, Cloud.

The edges are s using sanding sticks and metal files.

The sheath

The sword coupled with the sheath.

Added some minor details on the Shot Gun.

Ah....that's one big meat cleaver!


Hi Orange, is the shotgun attached to the Blade for your Kranji custom Kaempfer? I thought it was a good idea since Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children has got gunblades too...

I agree, it was part of my initial plan to do so. But I was thinking a huge blade would be enough.... So I abandon that thought.

hi kenny,
i have email you before hav'nt get any reply from you man..i have seen all your works all are very good it shows how the efforts you have placed on your great works.i love the ms 18e kampfer you have made it looks very cool and i notice the kanji decal you put on its leg is it a custom made by you man?i like na name kanji will you let me know how can i get one of those decal thanks..nice works keep it up....

Hey there,

I'm really sorry for not replying. it seems like I might have miss out on your email. I will always try to revert to any enquiries brought up to me.

Anyway the "Kranji" decal were in fact single letter decals pieced together. I used the Wave brand - "decal X" if I remember correctly. Hope this helps...

thank's kenny,
by the way im joni from the philippines,so the decals are from wave option,cant find it here in the philippines.i do love your kampfer the color scheme is great.hope i can make mine like have a great to copy the color scheme with your permission ofcourse.the details no way i can...your good man
thank you again for the info hope to see more of your works keep on building.have a good health to you and to your family...thanks joni..

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