Monday, June 4, 2007

MS-18E Kampfer [Kanji Custom] Phase 4

Now, I will move on to Phase 4 of the build-up process, the lower limbs. My objective is to break up the curved surfaces of the legs and to avoid over doing it to the point of it looking busy. I wanted a more complicated and sophisticated feel.

Fill up the reverse side of the knees with epoxy putty.

After that, I began detailing them with option parts as well as pla-plates.

Added more pla-plates to the legs to add shapes to these parts.

The modifications so far only requires me to "cut and paste" with pla-plate and adding of the usual details. In fact my only plan was to add layers to the legs to give the Kampfer a more "heavy" look.

Before I go to phase 5, here is what I have done so far....



This kit is getting more & more cool everytime i sees it!

Jia you!

Well i guess u will submit this for Bakuc'07 ba?

If so... U shall become my motivator as well as my competitive opponent!

Ha... do comment abt my SD in Plamo! Need more advice before i can proceed wif my work!


Thanks Lee Ming,

No, this is not my BAKUC 2007 entry. Will take a look at your SD pretty soon !

Nice Kenny, very define... waiting for this awesome kampfer to be done!!

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