Saturday, July 21, 2007

A little peek into my modelling life (Part 1)

Just a few days ago I have Mr Ken Chuang (a fellow modeler) asking me why am I so motivated, doing kit after kit. Well, that question really stumped me a little. I have been fiddling with tools and Gundam kits everyday that it's like second nature to me. I realized I have not given it much consideration though.

I could still remember the day I received my first pay check back in 2001 and almost immediately I splurged half of it buying my first compressor and air brush. Back then doing Gundams was essentially a hobby and enjoyment for me. I was lucky enough to be exposed to Aircraft modeling whilst serving NS (in camp!) and that really strengthen my resolve to model kits. I was not contented to just assemble them anymore. I wanted to go even further.

So for the first two years I did my kits haphazardly without much planning and research. Although the end products were simply horrible,I derived a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment whenever I completed one.

Then I chanced upon a local Gundam competition in 2002 and decided that that was going to be my first major competition. I submitted a FAZZ Gundam. I did not win anything but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. The conceptual stage, the construction and painting process, submission and competing. All these are very interesting even until now the fire is still there. It was there I met a few of Singapore's great modellers who were kind enough to show me what I am lacking or rather, clueless of. I cannot thank them enough. I have no idea whether they want to remain anonymous but I guess I leave it as it is .

Things got better for me soon after. I got my own flat and devoted an entire room for Gundam modeling. With a conducive environment and good mentors, I strive to become better. And I guess I never looked back since.

Now, why am I so motivated? Well, simple............

Enough gundams to last me for decades and I haven't really curtailed my monthly spendings yet! I resorted to giving some to young modelers I came to know to encourage them.

And another reason why I am still so keen is that none of my kits are free of blemishes or mistakes. My aim is to do better than my last one which hasn't really been the case. I am still seeing mistakes and sometimes I cannot sleep because of that.

So before I even attempt new and better techniques/skills, I want to perfect my basics first. Being flawless is still unattainable for me at the moment :)


THAT is an awesome collection. AND shelved so nicely!! :)
Always nice to see your works. Keep the momentum going!

WOW. can i have one?

those are alot of kits my friend. you have srious experience under your belt. keep it up. :)

Thanks Alex! I have amassed so many unbuilt kits and it is impossible to finish!

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