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Monday, July 16, 2007

Wing Gundam Version Ka.

Did this one back in 2005. Only managed to take photos of it when I took it off the display at a local model shop. At that point of time, I wanted to focus more on my paint job rather than modifications. So this one is basically OOB (Out-of-Box) I like the pastels like colours on the final product. However, a problem surfaced after a few months. Mould started appearing on the kit. It has never happen to any of my works. If I am not wrong, I was using the Gunze UV Cut Topcoat then.....

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I just reserved a Wing Gundam Zero Custom KA version from a store in Singapore! It's hard to find this model nowadays - used to be plenty in 2006-2007 I think.

70 bucks though... pretty expensive for a student like me ><

Wanted to buy a Master Grade Sazabi, but I think that job is waaaay too hard for me!

Hi Irene,

Nice to meet you! Looking forward to you finishing the Wing Gundam! Let me have a look when you are done :)

MG Sazabi is a really awesome kit but could be a tad to many parts for you I guess.

And Happy Chinese New Year to you!

This is a beautiful gundam model i personally own one but i only paid 45 because it was at a local store.

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