Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P

After finishing the Kampfer, I immediately went to finish up my Strike Gundam I.W.S.P. I did the Strike Gundam at least three times so it was pretty routine except for the I.W.S.P. Detailed up the kit as usual and most probably I will be true to the original colour scheme. You can't do much poses with this one as it is quite bulky. It doesn't help either when the gatling gun cum shield upset the balance of the kit due to its weight.

Nonetheless, I still think this is the best one I ever done among the other Strike Gundam variations. I will begin to prime this fellow pretty soon.


Nice kit coming again my friend. How come you are so motivated? One kit after another. I'm in less mood nowadays. I finished touched up my hi-nu but still no mood to paint it. Guess this year i will only manage to finish 2 kits.

Hi Ken,

To be frank, I have little going beside doing Gundams. Moreover, there are still so many things to learn and experience! Of course it does help when I desperately want to fill up my showcase with models lol.

I see... By the way just some chats if you don't mind. What do work as, how do you find time and how many hours approx. you spent a day for modeling? When i'm busy it just make all my moods fade away.


You got MSN? Perhaps we can better chat this way. You can certainly add me. qianyi2kenny@hotmail.com

Hi there, after several visit on this page for your IWSP, I now then noticed you added in some pla plate to the design. Is really interesting.

Am selecting gray color for the IWSP pack now. Really looking forward to your kit.

Can I ask if do you draw panel lines using markers or enamel wash? Because I noticed there appear to have a little smudge after I top coat it. Am using gundam markers. Do you have any advice on drawing panel lines?

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