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Sunday, May 25, 2008

GN Arms Type-D

Right now, I am really exhausted. From tuesday through to friday, I have slept for less than five hours. I literally slept the whole saturday away.

Overall, I am satisfied with this entry although I would prefer to have more time to do a better base. At least it turn out to be better than I expected. It was fun scratchbuilding the various parts and I can say it's my first time doing gundam at 1/144 scales. So my efforts hasn't been in vain...

No pictures yet but I did took some at the display site. Here they are...



I saw your work. It's a quality piece, really impressed. You're right to say the overall will be even better if the base is customized. But still outstanding! =)

Thanks Dennis,

I felt 'rushed' when doing this. My initial plan was to throw in Throne Zwei for a fight scene. ]Guess I ran out of time...

luv the detail u have done in such a short timeframe. excellent work. cheers

No problem, though it might be abit late for the competition, but is never late for your own collection. =) It will be a cool one really.

Thanks, it was poorly done and I am really really lucky to win this time.

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