Saturday, June 26, 2010

聽媽媽的話 (Did you?)

小朋友 你是否有很多問號 為什麼
別人在那看漫畫 我卻在學畫畫 對著鋼琴說話
別人在玩遊戲 我卻靠在牆壁背我的ABC
我說我要一台大大的飛機 我卻得到一台舊舊錄音機
為什麼 要聽媽媽的話 長大後你就會開始懂得這種話
長大後我開始明白 為什麼我跑的比別人快 飛的比別人高
將來大家看的都是我畫的漫畫 大家唱的都是 我寫的歌
媽媽的辛苦 不讓你看見 溫暖的食譜在她心裡面
有空就多多握握她的手 把手牽著一起夢遊
聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她
美麗的白髮 幸福中發芽 天使的魔法 溫暖中慈祥
在你的未來 音樂是你的王牌 拿王牌談個戀愛
唉 我不想把你教壞 還是聽媽媽的話吧 晚點在戀愛吧
我知道你未來的路 當媽比我更清楚
但我建議你最好寫 媽媽我會用功讀書
用功讀書 怎麼會從我嘴巴說出
不想你輸所以要教你 用功讀書
媽媽織給你的毛衣 你要好好收著
因為母親節到時我要告訴她 我還留著
對了 我會遇到了周潤發
所以你可以跟同學炫耀 賭神未來是你爸爸
我找不到童年寫的情書 你寫完不要送人
你會開始喜歡上流行歌 因為張學友開始準備唱吻別
聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她

Why kids don't listen? You and I was one. And we all know better :) Looking back, I realized I was quite a brat. Running away from home, getting into fights and a lot of other "naughty" stuff. I guess we get our thrills by doing all these. Back then, we do not understand there are rules to follow and consequences to bear. But what I did not realized was my actions hurt the people we love most, our parents.

As a parent now, I am beginning to understand how my parents felt, in particularly how my MUM felt. I felt that she was always suffering in silence all the while. If only I was more understanding and caring. At least I can brighten her day a bit.

Well, the chance is gone now. And I am left to rue what I should have done earlier. I will have to carry on with my life knowing that I could have love her more and be there for her more often. If only...  As a dad, I have the duty to take care of my children. But as a Son, I cannot fulfilled my duty in this lifetime. I promise I will make it up to you, but you gotta wait for awhile, mum...



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