Monday, June 14, 2010

Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010

Master Grade & SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 is currently held at Takashimaya, basement 2. This year the entries seem to be lesser compared to previous years. However , there is an improvement in the overall standard in particularly the presentation. People are paying more attention to this aspect now. 

Before I go on, I want to take this opportunity to thank the organizers for a good job done on the display units. Not only are they spacious and well-lit, it offers a 360 degrees view of the entries. 

OK, here you go... some random pictures I took. 

The only MG figurines on display and well done too. 

A purple Sinanju

Nice Astray Blue Frame

Creative is what I call this.

This entry consists of 2 modded Zakusm one Gouf and one Guntank, very big diorama. 

A customized Sazabi. It's been a long while since I sse someone build this. 

I like the colour scheme on this Wing.

Matrix styled Zaku 


i like the god gundam diorama...not shown in ur pics...

You went there today? I went there also earlier this noon!

Ops I miss one? Well I took them randomly...

Hey Marzz, no I were there on Saturday...

until when is the exhibit sir? its in Takashimaya near the fountain?

congrats on winning 1st prize!!!
your Sinanju was nothing short of DOPE.

yeah, unless i saw wrong?

Sinanju Full Weapons System by Kenny Lim
"1st Prize"...

Rinaldi, I did not managed to take the SD entries.

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