Monday, November 1, 2010

Unicorn episode 2 screening

Last Saturday, I went for the Gundam Unicorn episode 2 screening right here in Singapore. I just want re-emphasize what lucky folks we are here. If not for the efforts by Shengtai and Bandai, I don't even know when we can get to watch this. Well the show was fantastic and there are goodie bags for everyone.  To top it off, ST even threw in a lucky draw! Man, are we pampered. 

You can read more of the event at Leon Chen's site, Open The Toy

 The lucky draw prizes. Blu-ray disc and various model kits from the Unicorn series. 

After the show, the organizes announced the unveiling of .... Yes! the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom!  

I had a close up look of this kit and I have to say I have some mixed feelings about it. On first look, it looks like at "Master Grade" Strike Freedom Lightning Edition. On closer inspection, all the internal details are there. Somehow I find it lack details in some parts but that suits me just fine. Or else where can I modify!?
 On display as well is the Mater Grade GNT-0000 Qan[T]. This one does impress me. It reminds me of Gundam Exia but I do like the weaponry on this one. 

 Another good reason why I am going to buy this, Nice Boxart! 

One good afternoon spent and I am already looking forward to Episode 3. Once again, kudos to the Shengtai and Bandai! 


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