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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The collection so far...

Yes, I have been distracted recently. You can see I'm sidetracking from Gunpla a bit. Or maybe not... I am always fascinated with dinosaurs and robots, so with Zoids, you get both. 

To be frank, I started having Zoids when I was less than 10 years old. I had a handful of Tomy Zoids my dad bought from Hong Kong and some hand-them-downs from relatives. But that was about all I had back then. I did buy more when I was older but the interest eventually died off because they are just not popular enough so retailers abandoned them. 

So fast forward twenty years, I picked up this hobby. Took up Gunpla modeling, equipped myself with some skills and never looked back. Now, I have come to the point that I want to rekindle my passion for these mechanical dinosaurs. And I say there is no better time than now. 

Well, I decide to start by catching up with purchases of the HMM (Highend Master Model) Zoids. Obviously, I want to start building soon. But I need to plan where I am heading with this move. It's kinda "major" decision to me. 

"When I open this door, I will eventually close the other one..." 

My collection so far.. 


you practically got everything.But i have two that you dont,irvine's lightning saix and rudolph's saber tiger haha lucky.

LOL... Bro you watch.. I'll catch up with you ;) LOL...

How are the zoid kits? Planning to get one to see how it is.

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