Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ok, we got carried away. 

Rather than settle for one quick-build Gundam each, Waylander wants to add another model to the build, a Zoid. We going to make it as a recon unit. This could turn out to be something interesting. So your bet is on whose? LOL... 

Buster + Saber Tiger Combo 

Duel + Shadow Fox Combo

Anyway, I came across a similar build at Gundam Guy. A 1/144 Jesta and Saber Tiger. A very unique build. Takara Tomy and Bandai. Who would have thought LOL... 


Nice,how did you attach duel's bazooka n shield to the shadow fox?

Are you selling any hmm zoids,cause i cant seem to find any in sg

Hi guys,

1. I use blu-tac for the time being. I plan to use magnets to attach the shield to Shadow Fox later.

2. Try google Falcon Hanger ;)

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