Sunday, December 2, 2012

A wonderful day

Obviously the BEST part about this hobby is that I found my second family, Hobby Art Gallery (HAG). If not for the folks there, I would not have sustain for so long in this hobby. 

There is never a dull time when I'm with them. It does helps when all of us have something in common.  It has been 10 long years and HAG is still going strong. In fact, they have grown from strength to strength.

Personally, I feel that this hobby is not just about personal achievements or awards. I have met people from all walks of life who enjoy this hobby as much as me. Some eventually become my good friends. Now, that's the reward. Ermmm, I did encounter one or two  people whom I regretted meeting. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why some can do crazy or desperate things just to get what they want at the expense of everything else. Well, I leave that for another day. We will look into their brains when I have the time. Huh.

This hobby is a journey. And to me, I focus on the journey and not the destination. You find satisfaction while doing an activity and not when you are finished with it. If you get what I mean.  

Every year, HAG organized these barbecues and I always look forward to them. Because this is one of the functions I enjoy going and especially with all my buddies there. Just want to thank Joyce, Sam, Eric and all the folks at HAG for all these. And I wish HAG soar to even greater heights!

Our lucky draw prizes. 

NO.1 (of 2) HAG's mascot

Gift exchange

Guess what, the top prize when to this little girl! Darn! Was hoping to make one more Odin! 

Gosh, double strike-to!!!

And we are celebrating Sam's birthday as well. A double joy!

Errr.... What's this!? Dick? 

Crazy stunt pulled to test the poodle's loyalty. LOL 

Oh yeah! It was fun! 


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