Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gundam Heavyarms - First Look

I went back to Gunpla because of Gundam Wing series. And that was more than 10 years ago. Back then, I had to contend with High Grades only and was wondering why Bandai did not release master grade versions. So when they announce just that, I was ecstatic even though the wait was really long. HA is my favorite for the series as I like heavy weaponry/ armament mechas. I painted three HGs (1/100) for this one! 

With 12 runners, construction is fairly simple. Parts can be separated easily for painting with virtually no seam lines. Even the blue strips at the chest consist of two parts which eliminates masking. 

It comes with a cockpit of course! 

Hatches at the missile pods more durable now and the missiles can be separated to facilitate painting. 

I love this gatling gun/ drum set.  

Overall, this kit is good. You can do decent poses with it. And it's the final piece of the jigsaw for all Wing fans! :) 


my dream gundam since i was kids ,at the time i watching Gundam W >.<
really hope its can reach MSIA soon

Hi toymaker. I know you've been doing gunpla for a long time now. I've built a few SDs recently with no modifications, detailing whatsoever. Just straight out of the box unmodified. I'd like to try bigger models now. Which model in particular would you recommend to me?

Hi abcd, I recommend Master Grades. Building and finishing one will give you better satisfaction. If I were you, I will try the latest MG Bandai has to offer. Regards :)

Thanks for the suggestion. I suppose this is the latest MG Bandai has right? Then, i think it's better to have the complete the Wing series. :)

Hi Toymaker! Great blog and gundam that you have. Wish I can learn from u some pointers either in blogging of GUNPLA-ing.
Hope you could give me some tips on my skills then!

Hi Kaiwen,

Sure man! Just let me know when you need help!

Hi! Just saw your reply then. Great job on you newly updated blog any chance to see u in action on your gunpla-ing? would like to get a few pointers from you then

Let's see whether I can manage some tutorials. I'm now working on my year end project and I need to really go into it!

No problem bro. Now my day job is zapping my free time. No time/tired for gunpla. Now learning how to add details to my mods. Finally will be fusing bearguy with Seven sword

Bearguy seven swords? Interesting combi. Let me see it when you are done ;)

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