Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Storage!

This problem has been bugging me for quite some time. Storage. I ran out of space in my workshop at home. And I have been stacking those boxes in every nook and cranny I can find in the house. But I think I had enough. All it took was one call and I got these gentlemen to bring my solution to me, more racks!!! 

The 12 feet long rack is not going to fit into my room. So I had them installed in my living room instead. With my wife's blessings of course! Needless to say, I am a happy boy all over again. More storage translate to more Gundams for me! 

Thank to you all brothers! 

My wife drafting out plans to take one or two levels for other stuffs and my daughter is also looking for storage for her toys. I think they are both mistaken... 

My son's new hobby, Cosplay. That's Exia Gundam btw. 

Viola! Racks all set up and ready to be filled up! 

Two hours later, I managed to shifted 80% of my stash to the new racks. 

I left one compartment for her as well. This time, not for sale. 

I gave my son one compartment for his Gundams. grudgingly.  

The remaining stash will remain in my workroom. Now I have space to put my tools and spares as well. 

This is probably the best "spring cleaning" I ever had :) 


Hello, great shelvings you have there. But seems to me that the corners/edges are quite sharp, it would be good if something can be done to prevent hurting someone, especially your kids.

Thanks for the advice! I am taking some measures already :)

I have to give credit to your supportive wife. Hope this will give you more peace of mind to make better gunpla and bring your family life to new heights bro. :)

Thanks Leon!

And Suede, I deleted your comments by mistake. Anyway, I bought the racks from Nikorex Display (S) Pte Ltd at 584 Serangoon Road. The rack is 11 feet long and cost 380 dollars with delivery and installation all in. If you ask me, it's definitely worth it.

This is real love from your wife and real passion from you :)!

No problem man, the rack really does look great. I'll have to save up more gunpla first and then get myself that rack!

you have a very wonderful family! congrats!

Nice racks, it's a blessing when you have a supporting family like that. Great stuff indeed.

You're right man! Thanks to them, I can fully concentrate on my passion :-)

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