Sunday, January 22, 2012

Metal Gear Suit

Done painting with the OP's internal frame. I still need to hand paint some small details and also dry brushing  on some parts later. I used a variety of metallic and clear colours from Gunze and Gaianotes.

It looks like a waste of time since most of the internal frame will be covered once the armors are attached, Well,  I just like to paint everything on a kit. Haven't really though of a colour scheme as yet. I need to do some brainstorming... urghhh.. 


OH MAN! that is one amazing brushwork! OHMANOHMANOHMAN!

Dude! How'd you do the paint on the shoulder fins part? Love how it change from orange to yellow!

@ Suede and Zoidiec, thanks! ;)

@Josh, it's just clear orange followed by clear yellow over a base coat of silver.

What kind and brand of metallic paint did you use?

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