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Sunday, February 26, 2012

DMK Nemesis Prime and Ultra Magnus

A few months ago, I was approached to build a Transformer kit for Singapore's first ever Cybertron Con. We have two Dual Model Kits (DMK) to choose from. Both Leon and I opted for Optimus Prime.These DMKs are hot stuff and much sought after in the market. 

Leon decided to do Nemesis Prime version while I do Ultra Magnus. It took me two months to finish this. It is longer than expected but I wasn't working on it everyday. The DMK is much different compared to Bandai Kits. But the details on the internals are fantastic. I had a great time painting them. Since I doing a white colour scheme, I needed to get blue flames decals from Samuel's and thanks to him, I got them within a week! 

This is Leon's Nemesis Prime. It complements with my Ultra Magnus! Dark vs Light, Good vs Evil! 

Well, a good break from Gundams. Had fun and even learnt a few things. Now, all I need to do is the base and I am all done! 


Beautiful ! Can I ask you what paints (maker)have you used? and How long it took you ?

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