Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MG Gundam Age-1 Normal - First Look

Admit it, most of you out there are probably not Gundam Age fans. It could be the anime which IMO tailored for the younger generation rather than us the oldies. But to be frank, I enjoyed this series. My son loves it as well. He bought a couple of 1/144s from the series too. 

When Bandai announced the release of Master Grade Gundam Age, I thought the response was at best, lukewarm. But somehow, I feel that this new MG could be something altogether. Hence, to generate interest, I organized a Group Build for Gundam Age. 

I managed to get one when it was released here and boy, this is a surprise package! In terms of engineering, the shoulder joints were remodeled to give better articulation. THe proportion just right and construction is relatively straightforward. There is no seam lines at all! 

The hip armors and joints are totally new to me. Nice to see Bandai re-engineered that portion. 

The Age Gundam can be displayed with virtually any pose you can imagined. It's a definite must have for me. And the best part? Both MG versions of Titus and Spallow will be released as well! 

I can't wait... 


Heard from a few friends this mg is really quite special in its design.

Hope they release a mg double bullet soon so i can see for myself

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