Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Variations of DMK Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

11 more days to Singapore Cybertron Convention! As you guys might have know by now, works by local modelers will be put on display. I am glad that some of them allowed me to publish their works here. So let me present to you their latest masterpieces. 

Image from Open the Toy

First stop, Crimson Bee! Interpreted by Mr Erik Tan of Hobby Art @ Work, a glossy metallic red version of BB. It is never easy to handle metallic paints but he handled it pretty well here.

Next, Bape X Optimus Prime by Mr Jimmy Yu. An interesting brand crossover. And like what he says, "when Ape and Fashion meets the world's well know robot, he will roll out in style..." LOL.... I must say green looks pretty good on Prime.

This guy needs no introductions. Nevertheless, there you have it! Nemesis Prime by Mr Leon Ku. Leon is a veteran in the local mecha modeling scene and once again, he produced a flawless masterpiece. 

Another master, Mr Maxwinamp created this fight scene between Laserbeak and BB. They should do this scene for the movie! Max is the owner of our local forum, PLAMO. And thanks to him, the local modelers have a place they can "hang out" and showcase their works.

Next stop, one of my teammates from "Trinity", Mr Jaef Liang created this huge diorama of OP decimating two Decepticons. He hasn't really finish the ground work but I insist he let me have his WIPs first... 

Here, we have a collaboration between two modelers, Mr Reginald and Raymond. Titled "GUARDIANS", it depicts the Autobots and humans working in tandem to  battle the Decepticons. Reginald did OP and Raymond, BB. 

Next, an intriguing work by Mr Waylander. He kitbashed a War for Cybertron toy with the DMK Bumblebee and the final result was a pleasant surprise! Watch out for this guy! 

And last but not least, Ultra Magnus by Toymaker (that's me). I retook some pics as I realized my previous shots were over exposed. There are still work to be done for the base and I will need to paint the blades to complement the blue/white colour scheme. Thanks to Mr Leon Chen from Openthetoy for that suggestion.

So, that's about it. For those of you going to Cybertron Convention in Singapore this March, don't miss the chance to see these work live! 


Wow these are really masterpieces and something I will look forward to the cybertron COn! Will wait for your complete work with the blades. :)

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