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Saturday, July 11, 2009

1/60 Exia Gundam

So I have completed it! This will be my first 1/60 scale Gundam. I tried some minor modds and panel lines and it turned out just alright. And since this is a commissioned work, I think original the original colour scheme would be better.
I am quite satisfied with the colours, most of the parts I used GAIA paints as I find they given you a more vibrant colours. However, the stickers provided for the orbs are really a chore. I have to paint the one on the body as I could not do a good job with the stickers .
Overall, this is a decent kit and to be frank, anything that is 1/60 always looks impressive. PG or no PG....


I really like the white part on the shoulders, looks much better

im currently working on my 1/100 exia and i really want it to look as awesome as yours, but i guess my skills as a modeler is way too far. . . can i ask for some advice on painting my kits
thanks in advance

Hi Redkite,

Like I say to everyone here, you have to start somewhere. It's a matter of committment and hard work. So everyone can do it. Feel free to ask, I will help you to the best of my ability.

How did you paint the white on the shoulders?

Mr Clear UV Coat, matt. It comes in a spray can. Shake well, warm it up and you're good to good. Preferably weather condition to use, bright and sunny day.

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