Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exia updates

I finally get off my bum and tried to finish the Exia. I spent the whole afternoon painting and was glad that all went well. Phew.... I realised that this is my first fully painted 1/60 kit! It seems that doing 1/60 scale mechas are much more fun compared to the other scales. Maybe I will attempt a PG very soon...


nice exia.. i love it.. been waiting for your updates for soooooo long. Finally it's here.

One question.. wheres the shoulder Armour?

Hi, my apologies on the unreasonable delay. I'm currently doing decaling and minor touch ups. I have not assembled the shoulder armour yet because I wanted them to be top coated separately. My pictures are blur as well so I notice, sorry aobut that. I will post the completed work very very soon. Please bear with me :)

i am really excited with this project! just recently fell in love with exia. especially the avalanche exia. thanks to your cherudim avalanche!

Thanks Suede! I presume that you are waiting eagerly for the MG Exia lol...

still undecided if i should get the MG exia. if had half of your skill, i probably would :D


it is very nice. i really admired your work. maybe you could give some comment with my avalanche exia b'coz i'm still new in this modification stuff.

Sure man! I always love to see the works of others!

sorry bro for my rudeness yesterday, i forgot to mentioned my name. my name naz. i had send my avalanche exia to your Hotmail.
looking forward for your comment.


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