Sunday, July 19, 2009

MG Freedom Gundam (Version 2)

Another MG Freedom. I started on monday and finished it on Saturday. It has been a long time I did something fast, lol. Well not much to shout about. Just OOB and a few very minor details. In the end, I was quite pleased with the kit. I did encountered cracks on some of the plastic parts when I applied enamel paint for panel lines, got to be real careful about this next time!
Monday - Assembly
Tuesday - Some modds
Wednesday - Priming and Troubleshooting
Thursday to Saturday - painting like a mad man!!!


hi sir, i have some interest, emm what kind of putty that you use for your kit? i havent seen before :D cause im really new for the model kit.
sorry for my bad english

Most of the time, I use Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Quick Type) in a green box.

Omgosh. its awesome. If only u could teach me such technic.. Or u become my master!:x haha. love it man~

Thanks Jason, I won't consider myself as a master but just a guy who loves his hobby :-)

There's a MG freedom ver. 2.0?
My model is the old version. Where can i get this model? For once i thought its was the RG

Oh, no there is no MG Freedom 2.0.

Its a normal MG Freedom.

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