Monday, July 13, 2009

Master Card Qubeley and "Freedom" challenge

Something interesting came through my mailbox yesterday. I opened up the envelope and was like "HUH!!!???". Attached to the letter was a Master Card with my Qubeley on it! Later I managed to find the "culprit" which was my wife. She applied on my behalf a Master Card with my work printed on it. Whooaa... How COOL is that?

Well, my wife have requested me to do a MG Freedom by this week for a friend. In most circunstances, I would say never because I am notoriously slow. However, after some consideration, I decided to give it a shot. Take it as a challenge as well as to practice my speed. Starting from today till end of the week!!! (I suspect the Card is a BRIBE from her)


Thats very sweet man, nice one, din know you can customise credit cards nowadays lol, must hint hint my wife to 'custom' one for me too hehheh

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