Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014

The Mid Year competition is here again! Oh, Bandai had renamed it Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014. After skipping one year, they are finally back. And to my pleasant surprise, the turn out was fantastic. I'm seeing a lot more entries compared to the precious events. Obviously Gundam Build Fighters has revived or shall I say rejuvenated this competition. Lots of young blood, a few old farts. And lots of great entries. Here are some of  them...   

Oh, did I mention the they increase the prize money? That explains the huge turnout....LOL.. 

I like the colours on this Kampfer Dragon. Vibrant and eye-catching. 

A manga styled Strike. Probably a first in this region? Refreshing indeed. 

An awesome Psycho Gundam. Lot of effort put in for this piece. Kudos to the Wilson for churning this mammoth out.  

One of the impressive ones at the show. And rightfully so since it's by the hand of our Mr Derrick Poh. Masterpiece and in a class of its own. 

Another eye popping work by Chocofalcon . Great detailing and clever use of miscellaneous parts for kitbashing. 

This caught my eye instantly. It is well balanced and virtually perfect in all aspects. And considering Joo Kiat is still in the youth category, this kid may well be a formidable force in the future.

Qubeley. What can I say? Nice details and concept. But need more refinement. Keep it up Chun Da! What's up with all the YOUTHs in Singapore!?

I like the paint job on this one.Very smooth and nice. 

Wing Fenice. The wing extensions really gives it a more menacing look. Good work, Ben! 

FF7 Cloud inspired Astray. Love the buster sword. 

Another good kit. I like the marble effect on the shoulders and kneecaps. Lots of work put in there. Nice one,Fang! 

A unique mecha. I'm still deliberating if this is Gundam or otherwise. But you can't deny the superb workmanship on this one!

Some of the contestants gathered for a group photo LOL.. 

Well that's about it. This event is a success considering the huge turn out and the number of new bloods and first timers is very encouraging. I can't get enough of the entries and will go down for a second look! 

And thanks to the organizers, Shengtai for doing such a good job. Good work guys! 


The Strength entry go my attention too. If that was a standard model kit, I would have get it. LOL

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