Sunday, June 8, 2014

Japan Trip June 2014

So after three years, I'm back in Tokyo. You can say every modeler dreams of going to where it all began.  For Gunpla that is. This time, I wanted to see the legendary RX-78 at Divercity Odaiba which I miss the last trip. And, also to replenish my supplies and look for new tools. 

But most importantly, I get enjoy this trip with my family and close friends. You know, these trip are hard to come by. So I tend to treasure the memories that comes with it. 

Gundam Front Tokyo 

Impressive display inside with limited stuff with Gundam Front logo for sale. You can't get it anywhere I heard. 

1:1 RX-78

I finally get to see this guy up close. And I tell you, it was very impressive. To see a Gundam of this scale is really awe-inspiring. I took tons of photos of it. The construction and details on it are amazing. I stared at it for many hour that day. 

The next place I went was of course Akihabara. It has been said that you can find everything related to the hobby here. There are so many shops that you have to explore every building in the area to visit them all. It will probably take you days.

To me, the best place is Yodobashi, smack right in the center of Akihabara. It has everything under one roof. From electronics to hobby related stuff, you can find almost everything there. It's a one stop shop for all modelers. 

Now the most anticipated Neo Zeong. Finally get to see this up close. Looks damn impressive but I still think it lacks details. 

You guys still remember her, do you? 

Another place I love to go is the Kotobukiya building. Most of the stuff I like are all there. 

View outside my hotel room. It's breathtaking and very relaxing just to look at it. Took a morning walk all by myself. And believe it or not, this is 5 am in the morning. Its looks like noon to me. 

Ok, about Gundam Cafe. I suggest they just stick to selling Gundams. LOL

Went to Tsukijihijo Station to check out the fish market. Unfortunately, they are closed on Wednesdays. Such bad timing! Well, at least I still get to eat Sushi there. 

Next stop, Lego land @ Tokyo. It isn't actually a huge theme park. Their Lego display of Tokyo cities is very impressive. 

And we had to try that huge Ferris wheel we been seeing. More than 8 years ago, I was there with my wife. And this time my kids are with me as we take another ride. Best thing ever. 

Came across a Lego shop with some displays 


I enjoyed this trip thoroughly. Saw the big guy, bought many stuff and most importantly, spent time with my family and close friends as well. What more can you ask for? Well maybe another trip back here soon LOL...


Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures from a family trip. Not everyone is willing to share as much as you do in this post. I really did enjoy going through these, and Gundam front looks amazing! I hope you did get a really nice haul from there. I really want to go to a cafe like that someday, just once ;)

Thanks man! It was nothing much. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

thanks man for this post! i always wonder if they still selling those ltd gundam at gft, and you just showed em to me! actually, i'm planning to go there next year, can you suggest any place other than divercity,gundam cafe, yodo-akiba that is suitable for gundam kit hunting (especially the ltd ones)? :)

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