Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lego's My Own Creation (MOC) organized by Brick's World

This post is NOT probably what you guys are expecting. But recently I got interested in Lego and a friend of mine Ivan Ho, introduced me into the world of Lego customizing. I always have the impression that Lego is just about bricks and there is nothing much you can do about them unlike Gunpla or Sci Fi. Of course, I was proved to be very very wrong. And it was not long before I find my newfound respect for these "MOC" builders.

Well, Lego Bricks'World, a store with several branches here, organized their first ever MOC competition (if I am not wrong). And I just had to go down to see what our local lads can conjure out of these simplistic looking bricks.

And here we go! 

Firstly, I was surprised. There are a lot of things you can do with Lego! From modular builds using existing Lego building products, you can create your own city/town scenes. Or robot themes where you create your robots from imagination. I even saw  Marvel and  DC inspiring Lego builds! Those are my favorites. So basically, the sky is the limit. Ok, let's jump straight into the photos! 

Souped up Whiplash in Hulk Buster suit? Sounds wonderful to me! 

And if one huge robot is not enough, do two! And an impressive looking base to go with them! 

This red one scared the hell out of me. It's a huge one! 

Love these customized Bat machines! They are customized and not sold by Lego. Damn!

Since we are at the topic of MOC, I will show you some of the Japanese counterparts' works as well. 

And finally, some of the international builders's works I found online. 

After seeing all these entries and custom works, I drew this conclusion. That our lads are on the right track. Their entries are super impressive and I felt that they can fight with the big boys. 

But personally, I feel that size doesn't matter (of course I may be wrong). It's all in what I called "TCC" which is Theme, Concept and Creativity. You don't have to go big to impress. For example, looking at the Japanese entries, I realized theirs are at a smaller scale but they are very clear in what they want to present. The Jurassic Park entry (above pic) for example is compact and it tells a story.  It's interesting and well organized. One of my favourite entries there.

So from what I can see, our local MOC builders can do with better concepts, and more knowledge/research on layout and organisation to better present their entries. And if possible, introduce painting into their planning as well because colour is really limited in Lego.    

And the organizers could introduce different categories though. Because they're all under one cat and it will be very hard to judge. How do you compare sci-fi with a city scape work? Gonna be a headache.  

Well, today's visit really opened up my eyes. And you know what? These lad are extremely nice and I can feel their passion and love for this amazing Lego brick. There are no different from us, Gunpla modelers. Passionate, enthusiastic and  bloody friendly! 

Good luck to all of you. You're are all winners to me! 

  The MOC competition is currently held at Suntec City, Tower 3, level 3. Drop by for a look if you are nearby! 


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