Monday, June 23, 2014

Project Jesta Deepstriker (abandoned)

This will probably go down as one of my most notable abandoned projects. This Jesta project was initially meant for the Poisonmonkeys Jesta Group. But I pushed it to the Mid Year Gundam Model Kit Contest in June instead. Unfortunately, I could not meet the deadline as I totally messed up my schedule (which is typical of me). 

Well, rather than crying over spilled milk, I thought I can share some of my wips and also my thought process with you guys. 

The concept is nothing new of course. I was inspired and impressed by Eday's Project GWEN, that I decide to do one myself, amid lesser details. There is no way I can replicate the details or techniques Eday displayed, so I had to stay true to my style. 

GBWC World Champion 2012

With that in mind, I did some research and singled out three kits for conversion. HG Saravee, GN Arms Type-D and of course Jesta Cannon. Actually I used parts of the PG Skygrasper and Loto sets as well. 

Oh. And contrary to popular belief, I am not a rich bastard. I buy with what I earned.

GN Arms. A popular kit for kitbashers. If they sell on the cheap, you can be sure I will have them in bulk. Useful kit to have around. 

And of course Saravee. Both 1/100 and 1/144 scales of Saravee and Virtue Gundam have lot of parts to be reused. its assortment of weapons and armors are very useful. 


The Jesta will have three modes. Normal, Full Armor and followed by Deepstriker mode. Playing around with the parts was really a formality. It also helps if you already have a concept in mind and you don't waste time procrastinating. 



So when people say FA, it doesn't mean two huge propellants and a lot of mounted weapons. I see it more like bulked up armors or something. I tried to break up the shape of the Jesta by mounting parts of  the PG Skygrasper on both its legs. I had to build a connector so they can be detach anytime I want.  


And of course the DS mode. Why DS? I just love the Deepstriker! I can't put four huge boosters on the Jesta so I have to make two with GN Arms. I basically switch the parts around to get that ideal configuration I am looking for. The toughest part will be joining them together. I got some ideas from Mark Lester Carolino's GN Arms conversion as well. Talented modeler he is. Here is a picture of his WIPs. Gonna give credit when it's due. You can see this dude got more imagination than me! 


Here are some of the WIP shots took throughout the build. Nothing much but I'm sure it will be of some help to some of you. This is probably the first time I detail up a 1/144 scale Gundam and now I know why Eday is so damn good. It takes immerse patience, concentration and technical ability to achieve what he did on his builds. 



The finger pose made famous by a certain Japanese modeler....   :) 


Well, that's about it. I hope I can get around to completing this in the near future. One major reason why I could not finish this is because I felt that I could do more in the detailing department and also the modifications. That was why I ended up not doing anything at all after been frustrated for the longest time. Another is I been switching in between, Group builds, commissions and competition works. Which is not an easy thing to do. But I must say it is a good learning experience for me. 

And valuable one. 


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