Sunday, November 6, 2011

Should I?

Yes, that's the question. I bought this on impulse and I am not really into cars. But I always respect the modelers as building these four wheelers is tedious and perfection is a must. I will probably do this once I am free from my other projects. Who knows, I might actually like it.... 


seen this one done on a local competition few moons ago, looks amazing :D

i'm sure you will have fun working on it

Yes you should buy a Mercedes-Benz if you can. :D

NIIICE! where can you purchase model kits like that in Singapore? I am planning to get some Armor/Tank plastic kits for myself.

You can find them at MWorkshop which is located at Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street.

Great! Thanks Kenny! will pass by next week. Might also drop by HA@W.

Can't wait to see your take on this kit! I can't stop thinking about a gundam/mobile suit while looking at this kit on your blog.

yes.. you should.. :P Been wanting to try building one as well.. :P

Yes, you should~!
Cars are a test of skills too!!
Sadly mine is not there at all lol~

Hi.. i do car modelling.
here's sth to share.

Enjoy. :)

Hey Shaun, many thanks for the link. Kudos...

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