Thursday, November 17, 2011

The-O (Odin) MG - WIPS

I managed to downloaded all the WIP shots. I took them entirely with my Samsung Galaxy S2. This phone has never let me down so far. 

Order of the photos are pretty random in order. But they will probably give you an insight of my thought process throughout the whole build. I decided to created a page for all my WIPs for future works and make this a habit. Hopefully I can have a huge library of WIPs in time to come. 



Is that PG strike gundam's arm?
It looks prefect for MG The o

Dude, Love how you added pla-plates to give the O a different look! Reminds me of the unicorn gundam.

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@ Chong - the whole internal frame belongs to the PG Strike.

@ Josh - Thanks man!

Speechless =)
You really can do wonders with just the pla-plates

Speechless =D
You do wonders with pla-plates \/(",)

Hi Lewis, you be surprised how much more you can do with just pla-plates :)

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