Sunday, November 20, 2011

Singapore Gundam Expo 2011

I went down to Gunpla Expo 2011 this evening to have a better look of the entries. I felt that there is a dip in standards this year. That could be because of new participants entering the fray, I did saw a lot of unfamiliar names. If this is the case, then it is a very encouraging sign. Old folks like me could call it a day and let the young generation take over. Anyway, I took some entries selectively (it was very crowded) and hope to share with you guys. 

A detailed up Qubeley. Very neat and paint job is smooth. 

Don't let the colours of this Sazabi fool you. It has some top notch scratch building skills. 

A modified Gyan. I like the diorama and I think it will have a good storyline if it the building is damaged by it. 

Banshee with a good pose. 

A metallic coloured Shenglog Gundam. Nice base! 

This one is really huge. A souped up Astray. I felt that the model should interact with it environment more. 

A nicely coloured Delta Plus

Modified Epyon by Leon Ku. I like this a lot (and not because I like that guy). Look at the pose and base. Both are combined to give movement and story line. It's a visual impact and definitely makes more sense. I seen this a few times and every time I sees it, it gives me a new perspective to it. Kudos to Leon for continuing to re-invent himself. 

I could still remember Waylander's PG Astray last year. And looking at this one, I see a tremendous improvements. Good sense and understanding of shapes and forms allows him to kitbash and integrate the parts into this one. Trust me, it's not easy to do that.. 

Yes, I thought my O is probably the best here but now I have some serious doubts. By Jaef Liang, part of the group that won Singapore BAKUC Group Champions last year, he came up with a mammoth again! This O is huge. Period. Where did he find so much parts? LOL.. And as if it's not enough, he submit a second entry, a scorpion Gundam. To submit two big entries for one competition, this guy is a machine! 

Customized Bearguy galore! 

 Seriously, I like this Zaku Bear 

 Gundam Age Products 

1/48 Gundam Age 

Waylander's Perfect Grade Strike Freedom on display as well. 

I am so getting this! 

Well, that's about it. I bought myself a Orange Haro Ball and my son,  Advanced Grade Gundam Age Titus. He fit it up and I think he caught the bug. Finally I can pass on my kits to the next generation! Hoot! 


Maybe you felt that there is a dip in standards this year because you didn't join? LOL

Haha i saw my kit! LOL. Yeah i have to agree that as the year goes down , the standard increases greatly~ Fav gundam from the GBWC 2011 is The O from Jaef xD

I agree, i think last years entries was much better than this years, in general.

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