Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting down to work

With Gunpla Builders World Cup over, it is time to get down to business. I have  three outstanding commissions on hand. 

Perfect Grade Strike Gundam

The plan was to create three striker systems in Perfect Grade format. I will be using the non grade 1/60 Striker set for this conversion. This will be a very interesting and  challenging project for me. 

Some samples given to me for reference. 

Matt Tomczek's wonderful paint job on a 1/72 resin Sazabi. Superb. 

And of course, the legend of Malaysia, Mr Erix93's PG Strike Gundam variation.


Master Grade Sinanju

You say "another one!?" Yes, one more time. By now, we should have seen virtually all kinds of variations on the net. What ESLE can I do this time? See next picture for hint.... 

Last one, a revisit to this guy. I will convert this from White Tiger to Black Tiger. Something really sinister and flashy! 

Meanwhile, elsewhere at home.... (Still need to work on this guy. Darn! How I wish I don't have to sleep) :) 

Stay tuned guys! 


Man, those are so monsterous!
haha let the dream think about the concept!

maybe u can use this also:

Oh is that the one by Nath from Philippines? Cool stuff!

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