Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Batam Trip 2011

For the past few months, I have been rushing for Gunpla Builders World Cup and been to hell and back. In the end, I still came up short. But to thank my wife and co for been so understanding during this period (I know some of you might have been murdered by your spouse), we went on a weekend getaway to Batam, Indonesia. To be frank, I thought I was not going to enjoy this trip as there are no shopping, not much activities and, no Gundams. But I was wrong. I totally enjoyed it! The sea, the breeze, the atmosphere and not to mention the local food. I gorged myself to death there. 

A half an hour ferry ride and another ten minutes car ride, Turi Beach Resort is the place for a short trip. At the hotel room, I kept staring out to the sea, the view was breathtaking. Everything looked so calm and serene... Ahh man ... I like it. 

I left my Super-duper-telescopic-ultra-ultimate-camera at home, so I have to make do with my Samsung Galaxy Note. Yes, photos of this entire trip were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note. Pardon the blur pictures, but I am no professional :) 

First ferry trip didn't go down well with my son. He was worried when I told him where the life jackets are in the event of a emergency. 

Butt underwear planking in Batam resort. Or, he just love that log too much... 

Little Ashley love the pillars. Don't ask me, I have no idea why... 

Meantime, elsewhere... You guys notice the cleveage? Looks more like a Chanel logo to me...  "I'm sexy and you know it" hahahaha... 

OK, back to the pillars topic.... I think it runs in the family... 

The first thing I inspected was the bathroom. Definitely love it. 

This was my bed for the last three days. I am having backaches right now.. 

After swimming, totally Knocked out! 

Actually this part of the resort looks like a scene out of Silent Hill. Totally devoid of people... eerie... 

A 200m long jetty. Looks like the scene on your PC's desktop. 

You see the smiley face? It lasted 5 seconds until the army of mosquitoes came... 


7.30 in the morning. Status: Half asleep - half eating... 

You notice I am not in these pictures. I..errrr... can't swim... 

You can see how dreadful feeding time is just by looking at my wife's face. 

The advantage of a six years gap, carrying Ashley split between three people! 

I knew there was some monkey business going on there. ...

Tried out the Panorama mode on my Note. Not bad, got some nice pics I think.. 

Yup, I can't tolerate one day without Gunpla. Took some rations outfield. You could say I am prepared for all situations. If only I remembered to bring my pliers! Darn!! 


Turi Beach Resort? I've been there before quite some time ago. Nice place. It seems that they've renovated the place a lot since the last time I was there. It looks a lot nicer after the renovation.

Your dotter is a exact replica of you! so cute!!

-off topic-
Where did you get the Hrududu? I've search for it all over the place. Can't find it.

your daughter probably felt comfortable being stuck between pillars, trust me, it is comfortable! just don't ask me why i know.

really nice post Kenny, I wish I could go there next year! I laughed at the picture of your daughter playing peek-a-boo with the curtains. that was really cute :)

Thanks guys.

@suede - Yeah, that is a good place to switch off and relax. Definitely going there again!

@Matthew - They added a new Wing. The facilities had been upgraded since your last visit :)

@Cheapo - You think so? My wife thinks she looks more like her...

@ Anonymous - I see the last one at Hobby Art @ Work just now. You can call them at 6334 5340. Thanks.

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