Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Ora-Zaku Championship

I always look forward to buying the January issue of Hobby Japan every year. This is because there will be an article on the annual All Japan "Ora Zaku" Championship in Japan. To me, this event is like the "Premier League" equivalent of all Gunpla competitions that include BAKUC, GBWC etc... This is where all the heavy weights cross swords, pitting against one other with skills, creativity and ingenuity. The works on display make me look like a silly amateur all over again. 

I took pictures of some entries to share with you guys. To start off, the Grand Winner goes to this entry titled "Genote". Just when I thought I have seen virtually all dioramas featuring the UCHG Corefighter, this guy came up with another whopper. Just looking at the picture is already awe-inspiring. The cliff face looks damn realistic and the placement of the subject matter and interaction with the surroundings is perfect. The author created a very captivating scene and it tells me a story. The water looks so real that for a moment, I thought it was. It is a cool move to show part of the submerged Corefighter. 

The Corefighter itself is very well done. I like how the damage is made here. Not over done and always at the right places. 

Next, an entry titled "Evolution" MS-02. A evolved Zaku perhaps? A pity I can't read the descriptions. I don't know why but this entry reminds me of Bane from Batman. 

A very detailed Kshatriya. I have seen one photo of its WIPs somewhere and was astounded how precise and fine the details are. However, I feel that more could be done to the four binders. Or maybe something was done but not shown in the photos. How I wish I was there to see this entry personally! 

Look at the crazy details behind!

This modified Gyan is my personal favourite. I like how the author remodeled the calves, feet,  front armors and the head, giving this kit a medieval and yet mechanical look. I love the intricate designs on the shield too. And not to mention the lance like weapon. Definitely something I want to attempt in the future. 

The panel lines (if I am not wrong) is superbly scribed and well designed. 

Oh, a very unique entry. A  RB-79[G] which I named it, "Arachnid Ball" It looks cute and menacing at the same time lol... 

I don't know why but this entry reminds me of LBX. A mobile armor with a little dude on GN steroids? LOL... Cool stuff! 

Ah... A Seravee/ Seraphim Gundam spin-off and I like this pair more! The Zaku head Seraphim really caught my attention. Very bold move but it paid off. 

After looking at all the entries, I think these guys are still light years ahead of us. Skills can be acquired over time and practiced to perfection. But it is in the department of conceptualizing and aesthetic sense that we are sorely lacking. It is easy to train the hands but the mind is the one that needs tuning.... 

Work harder, my brothers!!! 


"It is easy to train the hands but the mind is the one that needs tuning.... "

Well ending ...;)

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