Sunday, December 11, 2011

Strike Gundam [PG] - First Look

I decided to spend some time to work on the PG Strike last evening. No matter how many times I do this, it always look so daunting at first. So many runners and parts! Well, I have been asked to do a PG Strike together with the 3 striker systems namely launcher, sword and Aile Strikers. 

As explained earlier, I won't be simply slap on the 1/60 Non Grade Aile Striker parts on the PG Strike and call it a final product. I will probably do a little revamp and redesign the Launcher and Sword striker systems to match the complexity of the PG Strike. I will document my progress here as often as possible.

Very intriguing lineart of the Strike Gundam plus Lightning Striker 

Strike Rouge plus IWSP. In fact I have a 1/60 resin IWSP.


Only manged to assemble the feets and legs partially for now.

The Perfect Grade Strike Gundam is still my all time favourite todate. I like it because the skeleton frame is very versatile. And it is just too attractive when you can interchange between three weapon types. And not to mention the Skygrasper too. 

I bet you guys must have noticed the Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime in the background. Well, all I can say for now is, something is brewing... 


Oh wow! this post has made me excited about a lot of things! the strike, lbx lucifer, and the optimus prime dual kit! ohmanohmanohman!

Hey there, Toymaker!

Is that a set of wing zero beam cannons on the left side of that last picture I see? What are you planning to do with those? Hmm?

@ Suede - All these will keep me occupied for several months! :)

@ Bryant - I intend to build my O's weapon using the twin beam rifles from PG Wing.

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