Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dual Model Kit Optimus Prime - First Look

Been busy lately. I have been building four kits simultaneously and this is probably my first attempt at an non Bandai "BD" model. Manufactured by Takara Tomy "TT", this Dual Model Kit OP is a very detailed. Although the skeleton has been pre-assembled, it still took me some time to assemble the whole kit. All I can say is we modelers have been pampered by "BD" a lot. 

The box is about the size of FA Unicorn Gundam but weighs heavier. All the parts are molded in the original colours and some parts are painted as well. Heck! Even the trademark flames are printed on OP. For those who are really particular about mold lines, will have some for you to work on. 

Chromed parts.

You notice the there are colour separation for those "discs".

Internal frame comes assembled.

TT thought of everything! They even prepared decals for the flame patterns in case you want a recolour. 

The details on the torso is amazing. That leave little work for us in terms of detailing. 

Wheel housing is painted!

Height comparison with 1/60 The O, 1/48 Gundam Age-1 and miscellaneous 1/144s. 

Not much issues with posing and articulations. Just don't expect OP to kneel down to pick up the thrash. 

Overall, this kit is one impressive model. The good thing is that it looks stunning unpainted. So you can imagine if one decides to paint it. However, the fitting of the parts can be a lot better. They tend to drop off too easily. I accidentally dropped it when I was taking photos and the whole thing "TRANSFORMED" into a million pieces as it crashed onto Earth, sob.... 

And  it would be a bit mean to ask the big guy to transform because it can't. LOL... 

To end, I will leave you guys with another crappy video I took of the OP. Here are also two superbly painted OPs for your indulgence. 


Leader Class Optimus Prime by Leon Ku

Leader Class Optimus Prime by Erix93


is that optimus bigger than PG gundam?

It's slightly taller than an average MG but not as tell as a PG.

Do u know where i can get one ? i've checked China sq to no avail. Thx

Can't find one at CS? Then quite tough man. That's the only place I know selling....

some shops are having pre orders there for 140. Should i get it?

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