Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka - First Look

I made good use of the extended holidays to build this one. A whopping 36 runners, it took me approximately 4 hours just to snap this kit. You can say it's a lot of parts to manage. 

As expected, nothing is done to improve the range of movement at the knees. There are a few seam lines to work on especially those on the beam rifles and the propellant tanks. The additional weapons is one plus point to me. I could do with a few boxes of FA Unicorn.

Somehow, I felt that the two propellant tanks are too bulky for the Unicorn. It looks like the waist will snap anytime after I attached both to the backpack. 

Well, for starters, let show you guys the box art, contents and the construction manual. Beware! Pictures galore! 

One sticker sheet and dry transfer sheet.  

Unicorn Mode 

Destroyer Mode 

The artillery 

Initially, I find the spears an overkill. But now I think they are fine but how to wield this with all the weapons in your way? 


I took a video of the Unicorn on the transporter. 

FA Unicorn in its full glory! 

I find the propellant tanks a bit over sized. Well it makes posing this kit a challenge.

Another video I uploaded. 

Overall, I am satisfied with the kit. Some of you may have a hard time justifying this purchase if  you have already bought the first Ver Ka followed by the anime version and even the Unicorn/cage version. Well, I have all three sets but decided to go ahead with this one solely because of the additional weapons. 

In fact I think Bandai should named this Full Weapons Unicorn Gundam instead of Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, because I don't see any additional armors sans the three shields. Maybe I should create a FA version...


Those additional weapons are great bonus. But actually, the main reason I would by this kit is because of the green psychoframe. It's lovely!

Those additional weapons are great bonus. But, actually, the main reason I would buy this kit is because of the green Psychoframe. It's lovely!

The main concern I had when I first saw this kit is whether the unicorn can handle all those extra weapons. Also as you pointed out, I also didnt notice any extra armour. Anyways, thanks for the extremely detailed photographs. Looks really cool!

thank you for sharing! its a nice kit indeed! i sense a little laplace system overdrive here... hahaha

Sure man! Let me know if I need to improve on the reviews :-)

At first I thought Katoki-sensei submit his design as 'FA' Unicorn (without explaining the FA) to Bandai and those company guys immediately get the 'Full Armor' idea instead of thinking something more sensible like 'Full Armament'.
But now the final product has been released as it is, I guess I just have to accept.
Now it's up to you (or anyone willing enough) to make this FA Unicorn live up to its "Full Armor" title. Good Luck!!!

So is this stable on a table... Without a stand??

Actually it would have been better if you painted it and added in the panel lines, but still,it looks good

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