Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gaianotes Black Primer

Bought myself a couple of bottles of Gaianotes this afternoon. Thought that I could give this product a try. My preference is still grey primers and there are very few instances that I need to use black primers. I was painting the LBX Elysion and so decided to use the black primer as a base for my metals. 

After applying it to a few pieces, I realized that it cures pretty fast and give you this really smooth surface. But it not glossy which means it is not ideal for metallics. True enough after painting, the metal colour looks muted. Nevertheless, I followed through. I will post finished pictures of it soon. 

If I want a weathered mecha with heavy shading, I would probably use this primer as a base. However, I still prefer primers in cans than those pre-mixed in bottles. Using can primers saves me a great deal of time and also spare me the hassle of cleaning the AB after priming.   


Do you thin the Surfacer Evo and to what ratio or did you put it straight into your airbrush

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