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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gundam Age-1 Zethus

Most people I met said Age-1 Normal is a boring kit. Well, that is precisely what I want to demonstrate that with a attractive colour scheme and appropriate kit bashing , you still can produce decent work. So when Hobby Art Gallery decided to use MG Gundam Age-1 for their latest group build, I bought my first Age-1 from them. 

I wanted this to be a fast and simple build so that I can resume work on my World Cup entry. Waylander  and me decided  to use the extra weapon packs for the Strike Gundam and integrate them to the Age. We did some simple modifications and gave each Age a pastel colour scheme and you got a attractive combination. 

So I managed to finished this within two weeks and Waylander completed his in a even shorter time span. Well, enough said, I let the pictures do the talking. 

Zethus & Ampion

Well, with this one all done up, time to concentrate on Gunpla Builders World Cup!!! 


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