Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Merry by Satoshi Araki

To be frank, I seldom feature fellow modelers' work here. But one in awhile, one such great work comes along and stop me in my tracks! I just have to blog about it and share with you guys! 

I am never a fan one One-Piece anime. And Bandai's recent releases of the its kits hardly interest me. But one day, this appeared on my Facebook and I was literally blown away! You can say I was dumbfounded and scared shit both at the same time . All the hows, the whys? started forming in my head. In a nutshell, if Going Merry is for real, this is as real as it gets! My wife wants one, my son wants one. Heck! I want one too! 

The wood textures, the sails, everything in it is superb. But the icing on the cake gotta be the sea waves. I have never seen it so masterfully executed, not in my region at least. Well. Mr Satoshi Araki has allowed me to blog about his work here and I am really glad. A nice and humble guy indeed. 

Well, enough of the superlatives, here are the pictures of Mr Satoshi Araki's work titled "Beginning of 2012, it is rough seas?" 

Subject: "Going Merry". 

For more pictures and information, please visit his blog, Show in diorama scene of master-Araki. Master? we all agree, don't we? 


This is utterly amazing i have never seen anything this good. I would love to buy this model. Please if anyone knows how, where or anything about buying this model please let me know. Thank you

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