Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gundam Age-1 Group Build @ 1 May 2012

The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was my son complaining about rashes. A trip to the doctor revealed that he had chicken pox. Oh well, that was totally unexpected and three hours spent at the hospital was draining and demoralizing. But I immediately perked up the moment I dropped them off at home and headed straight for Hobby Art @ Work. 

You see we are having the Gundam Age-1 Normal Group Build there. And the entries by the local lads were anything but normal. We even have some overseas friends who took part in the build. Very encouraging indeed. 

Rather than doing another post, I will link you to Waylander's coverage of the event. 

But before that, I want to thank all the staff at HAG/HAW for making this come true. And  most importantly, to all the participants who took part in this build. You guys should give yourselves a pat on the back. Congrats to all the winners and I will see you all next build group! 

So here is Waylander's post on, "Age-1 Group Build Summary" 


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