Monday, February 28, 2011

Formania Sazabi with maintenance set up (Updated 3 March 2011)

Updates @ 3 March 2011

I did not do much today. I have been playing with the idea of painting this Sazabi for the past few days. I find the stock red dull and I reckoned that a coat of metallic red will look pretty good. So after much procrastination, I decide to take give it a go! I am hoping Mr Cheapo wouldn't mind this surprise move.... lol..

 Some of the parts cannot be detached. So, MASKING HELL!!! 
Diorama components sanded and ready for priming. It's gonna be FUN FUN FUN!!!


Updates @ 28 February 2011

Some minor updates. Added a vehicle for the funnels and added a staircase structure. Now I am doing some touching up and adding final details. I will be painting this very soon! 


Updates @ 21 February 2011

More updates. I added fences, pillars and some details to the base. Everything is going as planned. 


Updates @ 17 February 2011

Some updates. I finished detailing the ground of the maintenance base. Next I will proceed to add fences and some structures too. 


While I am preparing to paint the White Tiger (yes, I have not even started yet), I took this out for a look. My customer likes everything Sazabi, so naturally he asks me to get this for him. But instead of giving it to him right away, I offered to add a maintenance base for this unit. Nothing extensive, just some simple set up with a 20cm X 20cm base. 

I will start posting WIPs in the next few days and see how this one goes. Stay tuned... 


will definetly stay tuned lol..
its kinda hard to findSazabi Formania at Indonesia tough..

It's hot stuff. Difficult to find in Singapore too....

@ferry, u can see the Kaskus FJB...i think they have it one for sell :D

wish i can see all your creation on between 6 to 8 March at HAG, its located at Sunshine placa rite?

@oky, thanks boz, buts its too late, sold out T_T

Sweeeet! You making an already expensive kit priceless! :)

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