Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gundam Unicorn Episode 3 - The Ghost of Laplace

I just cannot stop emphasizing  how lucky we Gundam fans here are. You probably need to fly all the way to Japan to get a original copy of  Gundam anime a long time ago.  Now, we are getting exclusive screenings every three months! We have to thanks Bandai and Shengtai for this. Come 5th March, you will get to watch episode three at Bugis Shaw Theatre. 

You can redeem 1 movie ticket with every purchase of S$30 dollars worth of Bandai Gundam model kits at BHG Bugis and tickets are limited. For more details, please check the above poster. 

Currently, the appended items are up for pre-order at BHG toy department. Collection will be on the day of the screening, 5 March 2011.

1.     1/144 HGUC Sinanju Red Comet - Sparkle version - S$63.95

2.     BB Unicorn Clear Colour version - S$21.95 

3.     Episode 3 Bluray - S$84.95

4.    1/144 HGUC Unicorn NT-D Pearl version - S$38.95 

Frankly, I don't know why you are still reading this post. Get your butt off that seat and start spending man!


Damn, $64 for that Sinanju! I'm still gonna buy it though, its a real nice looking kit ^^

LOL, it's limited edition! Worth the price ^.^

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