Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The day I lost a good "brother"

It's Chinese New Year. Everyone is in joyous mood and I just came back to work after a good break. Everything went well at work until my mobile phone rang. I picked up the call and it was my wife. She asked," Still remember this guy whom you talk to at the void deck every now and then?" "oh yes!" I replied. "Well, he passed away yesterday..." Came the reply. The whole word just stood still. I paused and started to absorb what I just heard. Shock and utter disbelief followed.

Xinwen (as I called him) lives in my neighborhood. We were in the same primary school and have been living in the same block till I moved out. We bumped into each other every now and then and chat a bit. He was always ready to listen to my problems. He was like a brother to me and I enjoy talking to him. He is well-liked by others and even my wife, who do not know him personally, says that he is One Mr Nice Guy. That one I cannot disputed. He is probably the most good-natured person I will ever met. 

The whole afternoon I was too stunned to work. I felt like I have just lost a family member. I was on the verge of tears more than once but I held back or did I?. Why would he go so early at the age of 32? He had so much promise, so much to work for.  I ask myself, "why do good folks seemed to go faster?" I just don't understand. I wanted to attend the wake but some said it is not good for me as it is Chinese New Year. But I will have nothing of that. This is my last chance to pay my respects  to this "big brother" I admired so much.

Over there, I couldn't bring myself to look into the casket but I did. He look so different and how I hope it was not him at all. I felt sad for his siblings, and his parents especially. I am at a loss of words and don't even know how to console his family members when I myself cannot be consoled. "LIFE is so unfair..." 

"Boon, just want to tell you that you have touched my heart in more ways than one and how I wish we could grow old together and sit down at the void deck to chat about old times but it was not meant to be. Well, we will definitely meet again and until then, you have a good rest, bro." 



I remember a phrase from a song...

"The cold night calls,
And the tears fall like rain,
It's so hard letting go,
Of the one thing I'll never replace

And soon you will be gone,
But these words, they will live on

What a wonderful life,
For as long as you've been at my side,
And I want you to know,
I'll miss you so,
And though our days come to an end,
No, I'll never love like this again,
What a wonderful life my friend"

Alter Bridge

We have our share of people coming and going, but to those who are very significant, we will never forget. But we live on.

My condolences

I am sorry to read such sad news... Bro don't think too much. Life is short. Cherish what you have and what you want to do.

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