Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wings of Trinity Bahamut

After the Trinity build, I have received some queries about how the wings of Bahamut were created. I searched my database for any photos I may have taken and to my dismay, I have not even take one picture of the build process. 

Well, I went back to HAG and try dismantling the wings but realised that I have permanently glued the parts when I brought it over to Hong Kong. So I guess I will try to explain in words on how I did the wings. My apologies in advance. 

For this build, the biggest challenge was the wings. Simply because I have absolutely no idea how to begin. I sketch a few designs and found none to my liking. It was hard imagining Sinanju with wings. I also need to ensure that design of the wings blend in with the rest of the body. I could have scratch build a pair but reckoned that time is not in my favor (it never does). The next solution is kitbash. I looked for winged Gundams and Destiny Gundam came up naturally. 

However, Destiny's wing design is simply too unique and I can't just pluck it out and force it on the Sinanju. I played with the combinations for the next two weeks and finally came up with an acceptable solution. 

 Pla plates were added to the minor fins (black ones) to lengthen them.  
 Each consists of two Destinys' wings stacked on top of one another.  
 One of Sinanju's thruster covers was used to mount on top of the destiny's wing. 
 Details like pla-plates and panel lines were added for complexity.
A mock up before decaling and top coat. 

That is about all. I don't think it will be of  much help to those who may be interested about the wings. My bad... 


Thanks for this nice post bro! I have yet to play with my MG Sinanju and the Trinity and any post regarding it is very much appreciated bro... Very inspiring work! ;)

Man.. thats was so very kind of you..
many modellers i know always refuse to reveal its secret, but ur are different, fisrt 4 winged sinanju and this. WOW.. U'r Da Man dude..

Ps: I've making "Jet Stream attack" using 4 winged MG Sinanju, HGUC and SD... ^^

Man.. thats was so very kind of you, first secret of 4 winged sinanju then Bahamut wings, to be honest, most modeller will refuse to share their secret.. WOW, U'r Da Man Dude..

ps: I'm making Rick Dom "Jet Stream Attack" using 3 Winged Sinanju, MG,HGUC and SD (still po)... ^^

No Ferry, it's really nothing. I could have given you all a more in depth explanation of how I do the wings. I will take more WIP shots of my next project.

Thanks and regards,


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