Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Chinese New Year

Another new year, but the same old story. Everyone is in festive mood and the kids are especially happy. I used to be excited about Chinese New Year. But somehow, things changed when mum left us. This afternoon, I went to the temple to pay my respects. As I stood to pray, sweet memories came flooding back. I told her how much I miss her. And if there is ever a chance that we are reunited, please do not leave us again. 

The day you left, a part of me died with you;

The world seems so cold and harsh without you;

I have lost my drive, direction and purpose;

I longed to hear your voice and see your smile again; 

I can think of you but memories are intangible and they fade with time;

I am trapped in this vicious cycle of despair and sadness with no end in sight;

If not for my wife and kids, I fear for the worst;

I know that there are people out there who are worse off but that doesn't make the pain any lesser;

I will go on...

"If you take someone for granted, now is the time to reflect. Because if he or she is gone, you will take a lifetime to regret." Go on, tell that person how much you love her/him and grateful for everything he or she did. Say what you mean, it must come from the bottom of your heart. 

Go on, you can do it... 


Your writings made me shed a tear.
and I feel your pain. my father passed away at the age of 52 a short time ago. and the text you wrote did hit it on the spot. I am very sorry to hear about your loss. may the people we love, forever life in our memories. and inspire our future.
life can seem unforgiving at these times. but holding the ones we hold dear in our heard will make us go on.
Best regards,

Hey Rob,

Thanks for your words, it has been three years. But it still feels like it happened yesterday. But you are right, we should hold the ones we hold dear in our hearts and that will push us on.

Thanks man!

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